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2014 Master internships and PhD :

Master internship subjects for year 2014 are available here.

PhD subjects for year 2014 are available here


A work involving researchers from IRAMIS and INAC has allowed the creation of bioinspired nano-architectures composed of porphyrin molecules functionalized with synthetic DNA strands. These molecular structures constitute new hybrid bricks for the construction of nanoscale self-assemblies that ... More »

Georgiana Irina Groza awarded February 2014 NanoART prize
Georgiana Irina Groza, a post-doc fellow currently working at the PTA in the frame of a  large collaboration involving CEA-IRFU/CNRS-LPN/CNRS-IAS, and former PhD at the Nanostructure and Magnetism lab, has been awarded the NanoART monthly prize in February 2014.   NanoART is a Nano ... More »

Revisiting the domain model for lithium intercalated graphite
Graphite is widely used as an anode material for lithium ion batteries. Lithium atoms are stored with a well defined periodicity, called "stage" between carbon planes. The standard model describes the staging with pseudo-infinite lithium planes alternating with empty planes. Daumas and ... More »