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2015 Master internships and PhD propositions :

Master internship subjects for year 2015 are available here.

PhD propositions to start in October 2015 : here


Dorian GABORIAU awarded 2014 NanoART prize
The 2014 NanoArt winner is Dorian Gaboriau, a PhD student working at SPrAM/LEMOH and SP2M/SiNaPS and co-funded by DGA and CEA. He was first awarded the monthly prize in October 2014.   NanoART is a Nano Imagery contest sponsored ... More »

Louis Vaure awarded December 2014 NanoART prize
Louis Vaure, a PhD student working at SPrAM/LEMOH and co-funded by DGA and CEA, has been awarded the NanoART monthly prize in December 2014.   NanoART is a Nano Imagery contest sponsored by nRai®, and organized in Grenoble by the Nanoscience ... More »

Diagnosis of heterogeneous fuel cell membrane degradation
Synchrotron experiments allowed for a unique diagnosis of the heterogeneous physical degradation of fuel cell polymer membranes aged for 2500 hours in a real stack. The 3D mapping of the nanostructure is an efficient non-intrusive tool to assess the nature, localisation and degree of ageing, ... More »





Pile à combustible (7)
Pile à combustible (7)



Scientifics activities

Surface self-organization with buried dislocation networks
D. Buttard, J. Eymery, P. Gentile, F. Leroy, K. Rousseau, J.L. Rouvière, F. Fournel CEA LETI


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