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2014 Master internships and PhD :

Master internship subjects for year 2014 are available here.

PhD subjects for year 2014 are available here


The best poster prize in the DSSC categories at HOPV-14
Damien JOLY, post-doct at SPrAM/LEMOH, has been awarded with the best poster prize in the DSSC categories at HOPV-14.   This conference was held at Lausanne in Switzerland in May with more than 660 participants. The best poster prize was awarded to Damien by professor Michael ... More »

A major step in the development of a cryogenic chain without helium bath for space applications
Summary of the highlight A small cryo-refrigerator dedicated to space missions reached temperatures lower than 4.2K (liquid helium) in our laboratory for the first time. This is the world record using helium 4 and some improvements are still expected with helium 3.   How the results ... More »

Superconducting graphene
06-06-2014 - Superconducting graphene - Contact : Claude Chapelier
Atomically clean superconducting graphene has been grown on thin rhenium films. This breakthrough paves the way to new hybrid superconducting nanostructures.   Graphene is not an intrinsic superconductor but can become superconducting by proximity effect when it is intimately connected ... More »





Journée Anniversaire INAC
Journée Anniversaire INAC



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